Suspension Services in Houston, Texas

Regular suspension check-ups should be part of your automotive maintenance. Our team will look into the performance of your whole system and identify potential issues that can be crucial to your driving. We’ll fix it immediately so it won’t give you a rough ride.

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Control And Comfort

A problematic suspension can cause a bouncy ride and difficulty in stopping and turning. Our services cover maintenance and repair of tie rods, wheel bearings, shocks, lower control arms, and ball joints. Don’t wait for your car to act up – check your vehicle for suspension issues with us to get more control and comfort on the road.

Customizable Suspension

Ride your vehicle in great comfort with our suspension customization services. We offer lift and lowering kits to reduce your risk of rollovers and improve tire grip while giving you a more excellent street appeal.


Safer Ride

A lousy suspension is prone to accidents and significant repair expenses. With our suspension maintenance services, you no longer have to worry about control issues on your car, as it will only give you a better and safer riding experience.