Status Automotive and
Collision is the leading automotive
and collision repair service provider
in Houston, Texas, with over
15 years of experience.

About Us

When looking for a place to take your car for repairs, it can take a lot of work to find a shop you can trust. We started Status Automotive and Collision because we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to get their car fixed the way they want, whether the car is a classic or a brand new model.


We are here to help you keep your vehicle running longer and with less trouble by providing high-quality care. We know that your car is a huge investment, and we want to make sure you get the most out of it.


When you come to us for any service, from routine maintenance to suspension and alignment work, we will make sure you know exactly what’s going on with your vehicle and have all the information you need.

Meet The Team

Stefano Matta - Owner & CEO

Stefano Matta

Owner & CEO

Tarek Matta - Owner & CEO

Tarek Matta

Owner & CEO

Our automotive service company is trying to solve the problem of being able to find a good place to take vehicles for repairs. We know that you want a place where you can be confident that your car will be restored by experienced technicians who know how to fix your specific make and model of car.


We provide quality maintenance services at reasonable prices without having to wait for hours or days on end. As an auto service company, one of our biggest goals has been finding ways to make our services more affordable without sacrificing quality. Whether you’re here for mechanics and suspension or collision repair and paint, our highly-skilled automotive repair specialists can handle the job with utmost care and professionalism.


We’ve been able to do this by also focusing on creating a great customer experience for our clients, whether they’re in the shop or just calling about their car. This is something that’s been very important to us at Status Automotive and Collision, and it has helped us maintain a loyal customer base of hundreds of customers we’ve helped.