The Best Mechanics in Houston, Texas

Let the top mechanics in town handle all your vehicle’s repair and general maintenance needs.

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Status Automotive & Collision can fix any issues involving your car’s mechanical performance. We conduct basic upkeep and other specialized services so you can drive off with your vehicle in its best condition.

Routine Maintenance

We have a pool of professional mechanics with over 15 years of experience in routine maintenance and repair work. Our experts have proudly worked with multiple reputable dealerships, including BMW and Mercedes, and have gained a proven record of working with any automotive problem.


Our professionals are experts in identifying and preventing issues before they result in car failure, accidents and costly repairs.


Experts for All Vehicles

Your car should only be taken care of by experts in mechanical work. Our specialists are trained to perform various repairs work for different types of vehicles that align with manufacturer and customer specifications.


As experts in automotive repair, our mechanics are knowledgeable with the latest software for automotive repair, allowing us to accomodate the newest models in the market. We are trained to navigate tech-driven dashboards and onboard computers and fix any issues to promote your car’s and passenger’s safety