For over 15 years in the automotive industry, we have provided a full range of auto care and repair services for different types of vehicles.


Our Services

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Let us handle any issues involving your car's mechanical performance. Our repair specialists are skilled in conducting general maintenance and specialized repair services for every type of Vehicle, ensuring that all work aligns with manufacturer and customer specifications. We are experts in identifying and preventing issues before they result in car failure, accidents and costly repairs.

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A problematic suspension can cause a bouncy ride and and diffuculty stopping and turning. Our suspension and alignment services cover maintenance and repair of tie rods, wheel bearings, shocks, lower control arms, and ball joints. Our team will look into the performance of your whole system and identify potential issues that can be crucial to you driving.

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Give you car a complete makeover with the best paint services in town. Whether you like a new car share or you just want to bring back your car's glossy shade, Status Automotive & Collision offers you quality car paint services that let you drive off with an all-new-looking ride. Our car paint specialists are trained in executing different types of automotive paint jobs for various vehicles.

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Our auto body shop handles complete collision repair services. Our specialists can expertly fix your car's external surface, be it a tiny dent or a damaged vehicle, including parts such as torn bumpers, shattered windshields, and destroyed tail lights. We also use the right tools and equipment for any specific job, ensuring that every repair is of excellent quality.

Other Services