Best Paint Services in Houston, Texas

Give your car a complete makeover with the best paint services in town. Whether you like a new car share or you just want to bring back your car’s glossy shade, Status Automotive & Collision offers you quality car paint services that let you drive off with an all-new-looking ride.



Trained automotive paint experts

Our car paint specialists are trained in executing different types of automotive paint jobs for various vehicles. If you need assistance deciding what color best suits your vehicle, our team of professionals is ready to guide you in choosing a single or multi-tone color scheme.

Careful process

Whether you like a solid paint or a matte paint finish, our experts conduct a careful process from sandblasting to clear coat application. You can also choose from any of our heat-resistant and long-lasting paints for your vehicle’s surface, a crucial decision in giving it a new look and extra protection.

Shiny and polished vehicle just for you

At Status Automotive & Collision, we take pride in providing the best car paint services in Houston, Texas. Talk to us to inquire about our services, and we’ll give you a free assessment and estimation.
Don’t wait until your car looks dull and old. Get our car paint services and achieve a polished look that will make it stand out from the rest.